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For Technical Support, Help and Assistance
Email     support   at   buildintheblack  dot  com

For Sales Inquiries
Email     sales   at   buildintheblack  dot  com

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Email     info   at   buildintheblack  dot  com

Our Company

In 1996 a custom home builder in Western Canada approached us to create a custom computer solution for thier needs. Build In The Black started as a generic approach to serve the needs of the building and construction industry.
One of the pains we heard the most was: "I enter data to help with estimating, then I must enter the same data again to create a quote, then I pop up a schedule and enter it there, then later my accountant also needs to enter it in. Why can't I just enter it once and it shows up everywhere?"  This pain escalates worse as changes happen to estimates and schedules. Every builder knows that change is normal in construction.

So from the very core, Build In The Black represents all data entered once, out to every function: Customer Mangement, Specifications, Estimating, Scheduling, WO/PO, Change Orders, Quotes, and Accounting. And it doesn't matter where you change it, the change shows up everywhere.

This makes Build In The Black different from other software for building and construction.

Sales of Build In The Black really picked up between 2002 and 2006. On top of our numerous installations, we have dozens of beta testing builders doing QA (quality assurance) on an ongoing basis.

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