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Purchasing Information

Build In The Black is a software system on a CD



The price of Build In The Black is $995.00 CDN plus shipping and handling. 
This is a one time cost. 
There are no monthly fees to pay. 

What You Get

  • Program Installation CD in a DVD case
  • Getting Started - 1 page quick guide
  • Quality Software System
    Inserting the CD should start the installation program immediately. You can also run the Setup.exe program. Installation options: single user or multi user.
    After it is installed, the program starts by default and you are interviewed with simple questions from a setup wizard.
  • Getting Started - 6 page guide
    You also get an electronic Getting Started document on your screen automatically after the installation.
  • Wizard - a friendly interview allows you to easily set up your company name, checking account, and other configurations that the system needs to get started.
  • Tutorial - this will walk you through the process of using the software.
  • New Job - under the main File menu, you then enter your construction jobs into the system
  • It's truly a "One Stop Shop" - it's all there on the one screen. You can see everything and move quickly between the following entry screens and reports:
  • Specifications - fill in the blanks, multiple choice, specify how may floors, the rooms on each floor, etc.
  • Estimating - spreadsheet that's easy to use. Take Off screen for sorting, reporting, and estimating by trade Cost Estimate summary screen manage change orders on custom jobs after there's a customer.
  • Scheduling - gantt chart to quickly see the entire job manage all of the job tasks see the critical path on a calendar.
  • Also included: Accounting, Request for Bids, management of Subcontractor Quotes Work Orders, Purchase Orders, and more.
  • Customer Management - print a quote quickly for your customer, generate comprehensive customer contract agreements, manage sales leads, and more.
  • Free Upgrades!

    Another great benefit to you is that you get all future upgrades for free. Simply click on the "Build In The Black Internet Upgrades" button, and if one is available, it downloads and installs itself. You can use all of the new benefits as soon as they are available.

    Support and Assistance

    Choose Help...Technical Support for details and information. As a common tech support base, you get unlimited email support forever.

    To make sure that you get your company set up with this program, you get 6 months of free telephone support! This should make you feel comfortable knowing that you are well supported. Typical installation and setup takes a few hours, to enter your information in and set up your books. Less time if you are doing new bookkeeping from scratch. There are import functions that will get your customers, suppliers, and past jobs into the program from csv (comma seperated value) files. This makes it easy.

    Other support options are also available.

    Additional Copies

    Other workers in your company that have their own laptop, notebook or computer workstation can have Build In The Black running on their computer at the same time. This allows you to share information easily. This allows for multi-user while out at the job sites. See the Product page for more details about this benefit.
    $498.00 CDN is the extra cost for each other person who will be working on the same jobs, using their own computer. Free shipping when combined with the initial order.

    Shipping and Handling

    You can choose regular mail or a courier service.
    We ship anywhere world wide.

    VISA or MasterCard

    How To Order

    The best way to purchase Build In The Black is to download the demo because it is the most secure method and safest way to keep your information private.

  • install it
  • run the program
  • choose Help...Purchase
  • fill out the secure form
  • and click the Secure Transmit button.
  • Your cursor changes to an hourglass, and within one minute a confirmation message will pop up. If you specify your Email address, you will be informed by email when the product was shipped, along with the tracking number if you choose to use a courier service.

    The alternative to using the demo download, is to email sales at so that you can discuss payment options and give your credit card information directly to Allentium Software.

    Return Policy

    Allentium Software guarantees that the materials are in good working order. If the CD is broken, then you pay to ship it back to Allentium Software and Allentium Software pays to ship a good one back to you. If you change your mind after you purchase the product, you can get a full refund up to 30 days from your receipt of the product, with the following restriction: the refund is minus the original shipping and handling charges from the delivery to you, and you pay for shipping of all of the same materials back. By breaking the seal of the shrink wrapping you agree to these conditions.

    Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee 

    We are so confident that you will like this software, we guarantee it! You can purchase the full package with no risk. If, within the first 30 days, you are not satisfied with this software system for any reason, you can ship it back at your expense and we will reverse the charge to your credit card (minus the cost of the original shipping and handling charges).

    Computer Hardware Requirements and Operating System Requirements

    Recommended Hardware and Operating System
    CPU Intel i7 or AMD A-Series
    4 GB RAM
    250 GB Hard Disk space
    Video display of 1024 by 768 pixels with 32 bit color
    Laser Mouse or other pointing device
    CD-ROM drive
    Linux 32 bit or 64 bit with an X Window System, or Microsoft Windows XP
    Internet Connection for program updates and technical support

    Minimum Hardware and Operating System
    486 or Pentium or Pentium-compatible CPU, running at 40 MHz minimum.
    64 MB RAM
    800 MB Hard Disk space to fit the Operating System plus the Build In The Black software application
    Video display of 640 by 480 pixels with 256 colors
    Mouse or other pointing device
    CD-ROM drive
    Microsoft Windows 95 or Microsoft Windows 98 (32 bit Operating System)

    Build In The Black is compatible with the following Operating Systems:
    Linux with an X Window System
             + many more...
    Windows 95
    Windows 98
    Windows ME
    Windows NT4
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
    Windows Vista
    Windows 7




    Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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